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We invite Artisans to send a jpg(s) of their latest creation to share to the public.  To get 'Renown or Famous' means exposure, exposure, exposure.  We also invite you to post your master pieces on our site (free of charge)*.






Below is a cleaver idea for the little shards of minerals  ... you know, the ones that are left in the bottom of the box?  This artist took some dollar store frames, pop sticks, white glue and made a mineral table for the template on the computer.   She displays them at her office (i.e. Adirondack Country Homes Realty).  Kids love to study these minerals pieces while their parents are talking to the agents.  Parents ask too!



Simple directions:   Remove glass carefully and discard (for save for later project).  Remove frame backing.  Create template for mineral ID, print and cut to size.  Glue template to frame backing.  Let dry.  Place frame backing w/template back into frame.  Cut the stick ends square and insert in frame where indicated on template.  Let dry.  Glue matching minerals to the sticks and let dry.  Voila!  Minerals on display.



*  Do you have a 'nifty idea' you wish to publish and share will your artist colleagues.  Each artist's name will be placed in our monthly drawing too!  All shared works have to be mineral related, and must be your own works.  All genres accepted; copyrights respected




~~~ By sharing, we better our world.~~~



"Round and round we go!"

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