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We invite Artisans to send a jpg(s) of their latest creation to share to the public.  To get 'Renown or Famous' means exposure, exposure, exposure.  We also invite you to post your master pieces on our site (free of charge)*.






This artesian turned his collection into something his wife would enjoy too!  They came out of the boxes and onto the felt!  Each piece is backed with a custom cut Velcro and then secured to the felt backing.   A few were found on the floor initially, so he suggests a little dab of white glue on the Velcro adhesive.  So far, they've been in their bathroom for over a year without further disengagement.  They felt the artifacts would enjoy a sauna in their new wigwam.




(click on pictures to enlarge)



Simple directions:   Remove glass carefully and discard (for save for later craft project).  Take out backing of the frame and evenly apply a coat of white glue with a brush (or finger) on the frame backing.   Cut a piece of felt (your choice of color) a bit oversized and place it on the wet glue frame back.  Press flat to ensure adhesion.  Let dry and then trim edges. 


Take standard self-adhesive Velco (color of your choice) and cut to size so that it doesn't show forward.  Remove protective tape from one side and place a small dab of Elmer's glue (or wood glue) on the exposed adhesive tape.  Place mineral on the tape.  Press firmly to secure, set aside to dry.  Do this procedure to each piece.


Decide where you are going to place your pieces by placing them dry on your felt.  Then remove the other side of backing tape on the Velco, and place a small dab of Elmer's glue (or wood glue) on the exposed adhesive tape.  Place your piece on the felt where you wish to have them, and press firmly to secure.  Do this for every piece.   Let dry.  


Put the newly designed frame backing into the frame and secure frame clasp.  VOILA!



*  Do you have a 'nifty idea' you wish to publish and share will your artist colleagues.  Each artist's name will be placed in our monthly drawing too!  All shared works have to be mineral related, and must be your own works.  All genres accepted; copyrights respected




~~~ By sharing, we better our world.~~~


"Round and round we go!"

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