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Our artist got working with our mineral chips and voila!

Amethyst Pick


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$21.00 USD* Inventory #F001


Get these while they last.  Limited quantity available, but our artist are designing others  ... or give them some ideas!  Perhaps, you like steel, or ceramic frames?  Let our artists know and we'll do our best to accommodate, design and priced to fit!  E-mail us.


Ingredients:  9 1/2"x12" natural wood frame, card backing w/hook (no stand fold out), 6 1/2 bags of our Amethyst Chips, Epoxy and joy of creation.   Frame designed to enhance a 6"x4" picture inserted.


* Mineral Choices: Red Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Multi colored Fluorite (mostly purple), Prehnite (green/golden/clear), Golden Aragonite and Green Haired Quartz (dk. green/clear)
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Framed Collections


Our artists are working on some unique Minerals framed in a picture, both visually appealing and metaphysical purposes.  Please give them some creative time to design.  The above frames are 'sold' but it will give you an idea.  We'll have large, small, shadow boxes, and all that we can repurpose that 'rocks.'



"Coming Soon"  Our artist are thinking!




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