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Herkimer Diamonds





More coming - inquire if interested in a specific type of size and we'll see if it's in our warehouse.


The "Herkimer Diamond" locality is situated in the center of New York State, located in the Little Falls, the Mohawk River in the rolling foothills of the Adirondacks.  Geologically, the precambrian meta-sedimentary Grenville formation was intruded by large masses of syenite.  After subsidence during the cambrian, the syenite became a base for marine sediments - basically CaMg(CO3) 2 with silica and organic mater.  These sediments later because the Little Falls dolomite in which the quartz crystals were formed.  Most of the crystals are found in a narrow belt extending from Little Falls in the south to Salisbury (Diamond Hill) and Middleville in the north, although the doubly terminated crystals are found as far away as Lake George, some 50 miles to the northeast.


The largest "Herkimer Diamond" on records, measured 14 inches along the c axis and was found at Nose Mountain, Fonda in Fulton County NY.  The highest quality crystals are in the Little Falls and Middleville area.    The reason for so many doubly terminated crystals is somewhat of an enigma to geologists.  One possibility is a nearly simultaneous crystallization of calcite and then quartz in the dolomite cavities and pores.  Many crystals are still found within eroding calcite and many freshly opened pockets contain dozens of loose crystals showing no point of attachment .  Many pockets are covered with a black shiny nitro gent contained hydrocarbon called anthraxolite.  Occasionally flakes of anthraxolite can be found floating on water bubbles within a a clear doubly terminated quartz crystal.



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Herkimer Diamond w/sidecar

Great points & edges, some rainbow & minor black inclusions. 8  grams, 30x24mm

$21.00 USD


Herkimer Diamond

w/side car, great points, some inclusions, 3 grams

11mm, $11.00 USD

more pictures to follow


Herkimer Diamond

Clip on back side, good points

5 grams, 26mm

$4.00 USD


Herkimer Diamond

w/side car and inclusions

4 grams, 24mm

$11.00 USD


Herkimer Diamond w/side car

2 grams


Herkimer Diamond

2 grams



Herkimer Diamond

22mm, 2 grams, clip on back side

$4.00 USD



Herkimer Diamond

1 gram, 21 mm



Herkimer Diamond

1 gram, 19mm



Herkimer Diamond

2 gram, 20mm



Herkimer Diamond

3grams, 24 mm


Large Herkimer Diamond

B grade rainbow colors

36 grams, 36x35x24mm

$39.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Clear w/rainbow prisms in light, beautiful w/black inclusion

13.3 grams, 20x25x15mm
$70.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Great shape and edges, good clarity

perfect wrapping, 4.4 grams

$19.00 USD - SOLD



Herkimer Diamond (med. size, flawed)

32.5 grams, 47x33x25mm

$33.00 USD


Herkimer Diamond,

Rainbow colors in light, great points, perfect for wrapping

3 grams, 22x10x5mm
$13.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond (small)

3 grams 20x14x11
$15.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Good clarity, interesting shape, few chips

5.2 grams, 23x16mm
$25.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Good clear stone, minor inclusions & flaws

5 gram, 23x18x14

$23.00 USD - SOLD

Herkimer Diamond

Very clear w/inclusions great shape

5 grams, 23x16x12mm
$25.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Many chips, flaws, cloudy, med.

16 grams 36x24x19mm

$45.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Med. size, bit cloudy

19 grams, 39x24x22mm

$30.00 USD

Herkimer Diamond

Great shape, clarity & edges

2.5 grams, 21x11x7mm
$15.00 USD


Herkimer Diamond w/iron inclusions

2 stone cluster, clear, interesting stone!

12 grams 27x26x13mm

$15.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Beautiful, clear flawless, great shape

2.6 grams, 18x12x7mm
$15.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Amazing Points, clarity, edges & shape

2.5 grams.

$12.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Stunning & clear

4 grams, 19x16x12mm

$20.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Great points, clear, cool inclusions

3.5 grams, 19x14x14mm
$19.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Small beautiful stone

2 grams, 15x13x7mm
$15.00 USD -

Herkimer Diamond

Sm. Crystal clear w/great shape & point

2.6 grams, 19x11mm

$15.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond, pendant size

small ship, 6 grams, 25x18x14mm

$29.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond, yellow tinted

small chip inclusion

6 grams, 23x18x13mm
$36.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Clear, amazing stone w/great clarity & points,

5 grams, 22x15x10mm
$24.00 USD


Herkimer Diamond

slight chip, rainbow colors in light

parts cloudy, 7 grams

$26.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Beautiful shape,, clarity & edges (flat back)

3.4 grams

$19.99 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond - SOLD



Herkimer Diamond, slight chip tinted

great shape, inclusions

3.4 grams, 16x15x11mm
$15.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

2 perfect points, great shape

5 grams, 24x18x14mm
$20.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Perfect shape, clarity

2 grams, 19x11x9mm

$18.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Golden Beauty, great shape & clarity

6.5 grams

$38.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Yellow tint, great shape, points & clarity

4.2 grams

$26.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Some cloudiness, great shape & edges

few inclusions

4 grams, 20x10x5mm

$15.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

small chips

4 grams, 22x15x11mm
$15.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

chipped but clear

3.5 grams, 15X10X5mm
$24.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Side chip but very clear & key hole

4.4 grams, 21x13x19mm

$16.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

4 grams, 41x13x12mm

$22.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Clear, great shape & edges prism colors in light

5.3 grams

$30.00 USD - SOLD


Closely matched set, clear w/great shape & edges

5 grams

$20.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond Shard w/point

16 grams, 34x26x13mm

$35.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Chipped, great point, clear!

66 grams, 52x30mm
$80.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Parts cloudy, few fractures

29 grams, 50x26x18mm
$50.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond, some chips, clear rainbow of colors, few chips, cloudy in other parts, 28 grams

$50.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Slight chip & fracture

beautiful shape & clarity

19.2 grams, 30x35x15mm

$74.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Good edges, clear in parts, nice points, beautiful rainbow prisms

35 grams 39x36x25mm
$70.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

X Lg. yellow tinted

beautiful shape & color

128 grams, 69x49x36mm
$140.00 USD


Herkimer Diamond

Sm., slight chip

3 grams, 20x13x12mm
$21.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Flawless, perfect shape & edges and clarity

4.6 grams, 20x10x5mm

$28.00 USD - SOLD


Side Car piece, yellow tinted odd Herkimer Diamond
29 grams, 43x30x23mm

$47.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

med. size, few flaws

19 grams
$35.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond

Fractures & cloudy in some parts

clear in others

18 grams, 33x29x17mm

$40.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond Shard

14 grams, 35x25mm

$32.00 USD- SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

lg, 245 grams, 9x9cm

$200.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond Shard w/great clarity

28 grams, 50x39x18

$42.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond


(perfect for pendant, some parts clear)

5 grams

$25.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Carbon inclusions

4 grams, 20x10x5mm

$20.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond,  yellow tint

3 grams, 18x14x10mm
$15.00 USD -


Herkimer Diamond Set (3)

Clear, nice points & shapes

9.5 grams ttl

$40.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamonds

2 sets of small earring

sized stones for wrapping

$23.00 USD - SOLD


Great points & edges, very good clarity

4 grams, 20x13x12mm
$20.00 USD -


Clear, nice shape, nice points

8 grams, 21x15x11mm

$17.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond set (5)

All clear, great shapes & points

9.5 grams ttl

$44.00 USD  - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond Set (2)

Great shapes, few inclusions

6.6 grams ttl

$25.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Bit cloudy & few internal fractures

3.5 grams, 15x10x9mm

$15.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Clear, beautiful shape & point

3 grams

$15.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

Clear beautiful shape & point, 3 grams

$15.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond

AA beautiful shape & clarity

3 grams, 20x15x6mm
$19.00 USD - SOLD -


Golden Healer, perfect shape & points, flawless

1 gram

$7.00 USD - SOLD


Herkimer Diamond in Matrix

Lg,  12x10cm
$245.00 USD




10% discount when ordering

over $100.00 of Herks





Because of the volume of minerals and internet bandwidth issues, we have elected to show one, or two, photos of each mineral for sale; however feel FREE to ask for additional pictures before you order.  We are happy to send you additional pictures of all angles.  We'll show you the good and the bad, and when necessary microscopic views.  So just ask.   Do you want a microscopic view of  your mineral? (click here)





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Tidbits:   Herkimer Diamonds are said to be the most valuable and clearest of all quartz and are sought after by collectors.  We are lucky to be near the mines here in New York.  Metaphysically, these stones are known as "attunement" for Reiki and other practices.  They are said to be stones of inner vision and useful in dream work, energy work and meditation.   They, like quartz, can be programmed with your thoughts and wishes. 



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