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"Herman" Vintage Estate Collection IV

 Collectible Vintage 60 to 80's Jewelry.   USA Made.

We're bringing new life to these hidden treasures.  Herman created custom hand-crafted jewelry in his lifetime from the early '60 to the '80's at his retail shop in Fulton County, NY.  He loved his craft, and it shows in the care he took preserving his retired collection.  His cabochons are highly polished, mostly tagged and preserved; as well as his finish pieces, each ready for show and all set aside for that rainy day!   We are glad to let the sun shine once again upon his collection and proceed in his honor to bring his craft to new owners so that they may be enjoy in their daily lives. 


We present the "Herman Vintage Collection" of vintage cabochon jewelry to you.   Each piece will be certified authentic Herman Collection from us.  Only a little over 1,000 necklace pendants are available from his collection, about 500 rings and 1-200 bolo and accessories.



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Sterling with beautiful Sheen Mahogany Obsidian Cab Pendant

$25.00 USD - SOLD


Sterling with beautiful Sheen Mahogany Obsidian Cabochon Pendant in Qtr. Coin Setting, sterling plated, w/sterling chain (age shown on pendant)

$25.00 USD


Oriental Art with Gold and Silver Inlay Pendant

$21.00 USD


Oriental Art with Gold and Silver Inlay Pendant
$21.00 USD


Oriental Art with Gold and Silver Inlay Pendant

$21.00 USD


Oriental Art with Gold and Silver Inlay Pendant

$21.00 USD


Sheen Mahogany Obsidian Pendant

$21.00 USD


5kt gold plated Amethyst Pendant

$19.00 USD


Panama Agate with Crystal Geode Center Pendant

ss plated, 16x14mm gemstone

$21.00 USD


Green Tree Agate

Sterling Silver Setting

$21.00 USD


Mahogany Obsidian Cab

Sterling Silver setting

$21.00 USD


Sheen Obsidian Heart Pendant

12x10mm gemstone

$20.00 USD


Jade Pendant

gold plated

20x14mm gemstone

$19.00 USD


Fossilized Coral Pendant 5kt plated setting
$20.00 USD - SOLD


Picture Jasper

5kt gold plated

16x14mm gemstone
$21.00 USD


Crazy Lace Agate silver backing and setting

$20.00 USD  - SOLD


Red Oolite Pendant

16x14mm stone, ss setting

$19.00 USD


Mexican Onyx Fashion Pendant, silver tone

25x18mm gemstone

$19.00 USD


Black Onyx Panama

Gold tone setting

25x19mm gemstone

$21.00 USD


Golden Tiger Eye Locket

14x12mm gemstone

gold tones

$21.00 USD


Peridot Silver Plated Bracelet
$21.00 USD

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"Herman" Estate Collection V

Tidbit:  Amber (fossilized tree resin) has been used since the stone age.    Found in Myceeaean tombs, used as folk medicine, flavoring Advait liquor, used in perfumes and pipe making and glassblowing mouthpieces. 


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