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The World of Minerals is vast and complex.   Below are a few ideas of gemstone usage in your metaphysical/holistic purposes.   A2Z is not a professional in metaphysical studies; but do understand their value.   Below, we've posted a quick reference guide to help you decide what mineral to purchase from A2Z, whether it be  ... a charm, gem bottle, pendant or mineral specimen ... they are all wonderful!

Gems are not for internal use.   Please read Dangerous Minerals (click here).  



Benefits the thymus gland and nervous system.  Balances blood pressure and stimulates metabolism, lowering cholesterol, an anti-inflammatory effect and protection against environmental pollution.


Wonderful stone for shielding & protection of negative vibration (use in front of many computer screens!).  Is a protection from disease for the caregiver.

Agate (mixed)

Enhances mental function, improving concentration, perceptions & analytical abilities.  Heals eyes, stomach & uterus, cleanses lymphatic system and pancreas, strengths blood vessels & heals skin disorders.


Strengthens immune system, reduces pain & strengthens body.  Overall great mineral for healing from cleansing, insomnia, injuries, cellular, anxiety and much much more


Treats lower back problems, arthritis/rheumatism.  Regulates kidney & accelerates healing bone.  Improves vitamin & mineral absorption


Rose Quartz

Heals mental issues, headaches, sleep issues and reduces sexual problems.  Used by beauticians as facials also.


Boast immune system and stimulates regeneration of cells, particular skin & respiratory tract, ulcers & wounds.  Strengthens bone tissue, helps rheumatism and discomfort of shingles or other nerve-related pain.


Provides grounding, supports convalescents & recovery from illnesses; treats reproductive systems and health of unborn, aids the growth of skin tissue & hair


Cleanses & re-energize, stimulates metabolism, treats disorders of spine & spinal fluid, bone, cellular structure & composition.  Boast immune system and energy levels, purifies heart/lung/blood DNA

Tiger Eye

Useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, treats eye, throat and reproductive organs, releases toxins and alleviate pain. Helpful in repairing broken bones & alignment of the spinal column.


Strengthens immune system, metabolism & benefits skin.  Balances bipolar disorders, and aids in heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder spleen and intestinal tract

White Howlite

Aids insomnia, strengthens memory; balances calcium and aids in teeth, bones & soft tissue


Adds to endurance and associated with thyroid, balances metabolism & immune systems and overcomes calcium deficiencies.  Said to soak up electromagnetic smog (another good mineral for computer screens)

Aventurine, Blue

Benefits the thymus gland and nervous system.  Balances blood pressure and stimulates metabolism, lowering cholesterol, an anti-inflammatory effect and protection against environmental pollution.

Metaphysical properties are provided as a complimentary general knowledge base. 


We suggest you study each mineral further before usage

White Quartz


"Master Healer" and amplifies energy and thought!  A must of a stone to help amplify other stone usage.

Red Jasper

Said to cleans & stabilizes the aura; a stone of  health, strengthens & detoxifies the circulatory system.

Mix Tourmaline

Balances male-female energies within body, removes blockages

Snowflake Obsidian

Used a lot if facial spas to improve circulation & alleviate muscular aches.  Aids in joint pain also.  Said to in meditation.

Black Tourmaline

Used by healers with Amethyst for today's biomats healing, to rid of negative ions.  Deflects radiation energy .

TRIVIA:  Did you know that there are 2,000+ minerals on earth's crust!  About 20 of the are common and fewer than 10 account for over 90% of the crust by mass.  (Source:  HyperPhysics.edu (click here)

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* Tidbits: 


Gemstones are the hot new ingredient in spa treatments around the city.   Apparently emeralds, pearls and even gold are being used to plump, lift, brighten and purify!   The jewel choice by some NYC spas, are amethyst which the aestheticians claim reduced skin inflammation and radiates rays in order to stimulate  healthy cell growth.   Their amethyst facials begins with a thorough cleansing, then a amethyst serum with an LED light, ended with an eye cream with a sonic frequency device.  The mask contains 63% amethyst power. 


Some spas charge $275 for such treatments.  Others are using emeralds for skin tone imperfections, rubies and gold for hydrating, citrine for plump lips and sapphires for lifts.  Pearls as being smashed up into a paste to exfoliate as they are known to have amino acids, vitamin B complex and calcium.


Mineral collectors like us, are aghast as to crushing up a fine mineral for such work; but if you must, A to Z have some lower grade tumbled gem chips if you wish to try the experiment.  Do be careful, as we would think ground minerals will still have microscopic sharp edges and  your skin is an important organ.   We bring this idea as curious information only, and hold no idea as to its result.  If you do try, do let us know and we'll share.  Do it at your own risk, and please be careful.



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