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Beside our vast mineral listings in our warehouse, we thought we'd bring you some minerals up front and center for you to review.   Let's barter, trade or haggle!




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#1759 Jasphite, from estate collection #1745 Apatite, from estate collection
#1744 Clay with fossils (click on picture) YARD SALE SECTION

Overstock, needs mending, etc.

#1764 Hornblende with Actnolite, from estate collection #1779 Fossil
#1651 Unknown #1717a Mixed Crystal Plate
#1780 Fossil #1729 Quartz Cluster
#1716 Quartz on matrix #1717b Calcite Cluster
#1756a Unknown



34 grams, 50mmx38mm


#1796 Unknown


Asbestos, Clinochrysotile

Origin, Québec

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