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Rocks & Minerals - Massive Sized Collection for Centerpiece Displays

NOTE:   All the "K" minerals are now being inventoried; so 'out of stock' temporarily


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Quartz Point Cluster origin PA, 1 lb, 10x8cm

$20.00 USD - SOLD

#66K Beryl in Matrix - Display piece Origin NY, 2lbs 10.6 oz 13x14cm
$45.00 USD - SOLD

Quartz Crystals

2lbs 6.6 oz, 21x10cm

$80.00 USD


Geode (X lg)

Keokuk, Iowa

$45.00 USD


Celestite Plate

Origin Chittenango Falls, NY 1 lb. 7.4 oz, 18x13.5cm.

$25.00 USD - SOLD



Herkimer Diamond in Matrix lg, A quality, 12x18cm

Quartz Crystals in Matrix Display piece, origin NY

4 lbs, 15x8cm, (2 angles shown)

$25.00 USD



origin VT 8x9cm

442 grams,  (2 angles shown)

$17.00 USD- SOLD


Beryls in Matrix, Display Piece, origin ME

2 lbs 5 oz, 17x8cm,  (2 angles shown)

$40.00 USD



Origin Washington

50 grams, 3x2cm

(2 angles shown)

$18.00 USD


MASSIVE PIECE OF WHITE MARBLE - perfect for lapidary work, origin Schroon Lake, NY

5lbs, 10" long


Unknown Mineral

267 grams. 7x3"



Slab of unknown rock/possible fossil

1 lb. 8 oz. 5x4"



Lava Collection

(click on picture to explore our collection of lava)


Magnetite, massive display piece

origin Cannon Iron Mine, Ringwood Mining District, NJ

5+ lb. 5x4"

$39.00 USD


Limonite pseudomorphs after pyrite in matrix DISPLAY PIECE

Southern Adirondacks NY

3 lbs 5oz 17x16x5cm

$20.00 USD


Limonite pseudomorphs after pyrite in matrix DISPLAY PIECE

Southern Adirondacks NY

1 lb 6.2 oz 10x10x4cm

$18.00 USD


MASSIVE Wollastonite Piece 90% covered in Garnet and green

Adirondacks NY

5+ lbs 6x5 inches

$50.00 USD


HUGE Mica Sheets on Matrix

origin ME

5+lbs 22x15cm

$50.00 USD


Large Muscovite Mica w/ graphite inclusions

origin NJ

1 lb 5.2oz 3.5x3.1in
$25.00 USD



Celestite on Slate/Mixed Matrix

18x18x6 CM 2lbs 8.8oz
$89.00 USD



Grand Daddy of Limb Oregon

Great Statement!

$250.00 USD 


Large Barite Topped Specimen on Matrix




Because of the volume of minerals and internet bandwidth issues, we have elected to show one, or two, photos of each mineral for sale; however feel FREE to ask for additional pictures before you order.  We are happy to send you additional pictures of all angles.  We'll show you the good and the bad, and when necessary microscopic views.  So just ask.   Do you want a microscopic view of  your mineral? (click here)




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