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What would life be without our wonderful ores?  What are ores?   Very very important rocks with elements and metals that can be extracted.  We get our gold, copper, mercury, steel, body power to nuclear power from ores.   Our local Wollansite is used in adhesives, plastics, paints and more; yet it is truly a pleasing ore to display in your collection.  Tribal Indians used many ores for their strong tools.   Today's bridges wont exist with the steel and stone's of ores.  We salute the ores!


Please also check out our magnetic ores (click here) and radioactive ores (click here).


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Lodestone Set (2)

Origin Iron County, UT

$5.00 USD


Felspar Set (3)

Origin Bunkerville, NV

(Tectosilicate mineral)

$3.00 USD


Gypsum Set (2)

Origin Washington County, UT

$3.00 USD


Volcanic Porphyry

Origin Iron County, UT

(Igneous Rock)

$2.00 USD



Washington County, UT


$2.00 USD



Washington County, UT

$2.00 USD


Granite, Set (3)

Origin Iron County, UT

(Igneous Rock)

$3.00 USD


Limestone Set (2)

Carmel Farm, Washington County, UT

(Sedimentary Rock)  $3.00 USD


Fossil Shale Set (2)

Origin Millard County, UT

(Sedimentary Rock)

$3.00 USD


Pumice Set (2)

Washington County, UT

$3.00 USD


Mica Schist Set (2)

(Silicate Mineral)

Origin Nevada

$2.00 USD - SOLD


Basalt Set (2)

Origin Washington County, UT

(Igneous Rock)

$3.00 USD


Perlite Set (2)

Origin Beaver County, UT

(Sedimentary Rock)

$4.00 USD


Sulfur Set (2)

Origin Beaver County,UT
$4.00 USD


Hornblende Set (2)

Origin Littlefield, AZ 

(Igneous and metamorphic)

$3.00 USD


Dolomite Set (2)

Origin Iron County, UT

$3.00 USD


Horneblende, crystal mix

Origin Minerva NY 

(Igneous and metamorphic)

$7.00 USD



Minerva NY, small crystal ends on to

(Igneous and metamorphic)

$5.00 USD



Minerva NY, large specimen for display  (Igneous and metamorphic)

$20.00 USD



Minerva NY, small crystals with mixed matrix  (Iigneous and metamorphic)

$5.00 USD



Origin Minerva NY 

(Igneous and metamorphic)
$7.00 USD


Coal Sample

(Sedimentary Rock)

$.50 USD


Coal Specimen

Origin CA

211 grams, 3.7x7"

(Sedimentary Rock)

$6.00 USD


Galena Ore (2 angles shown)

Origin NY

3x2cm, 50 grams

$18.00 USD


Bottle of Iron Ore

unknown origin, but part of the sampling from a forge, unique historical find

$5.00 USD


Chromite Ore (FeCr2O4)

Origin NY

386 grams

$8.00 USD


Chromite Ore

Origin NY

272 grams

$6.00 USD


Graphite on Matrix (comp carbon) Rhombic

Origin Putnam, NY

3 grams, 2x1cm
$4.00 USD

Goethite Plate Mineral from PA


Goethite Plate on other matrix, Origin Lloyd Mine, MI

81 grams, 5x4cm

$20.00 USD


Goethite Crystal Set (2)

Origin PA (iron based mineral)

12 grams ttl

$10.00 USD


Graphite on Matrix (comp carbon) Rhombic

Origin Putnam, NY

14 grams, 4x2.5cm
$10.00 USD - SOLD


Pyrite in Matrix w/Magnetite, 7.5 oz.

Origin Western NY

$15.99 USD

(check out our Magnetic Ores)


Goethite (iron based)

Origin, unknown

1 lb 4.5oz

$55.00 USD


Wollastonite w/garnet & Diopside inclusions, UV

Origin Eastern Adk's NY

72 gram, 4x4cm

(Check out our Wollastonite Family)

Kaoline from Twiggs Cty, GA


Kaolinite Specimen

Origin Twiggs Cty. GA

[Si4O10] (OH) (Silicate Mineral)

$21.00 USD 



sm. cabinet size

Origin unknown

$10.00 USD


Basalt w/many vesicles, Igneous

111 grams, 5 1/4"x3 1/2", magnetic

$9.00 USD


Nephrite, origin MX

23 grams, 51mmx55mm

$7.00 USD

Coal Specimens from historical Adirondack Blacksmith shop


Snow Farm Blacksmith Shop, 1871.  The building still stands with original bellows.  All of the coal in our collection was collected where the furnace was at the shop.  Adirondacks, NY.  Own a piece of history and round out your specimen collection.  $1.00 USD each (2"-3")



(1 Dram)

(2 Dram)

Magnetite/Lodestone Sand

Magnetite with some hematite  - decorative, and used in magnetic healing therapy, plant additive, or metaphysical purposes for positive-negative polarity. 

2 Dram $5   1 dram $4 & mini avail $3


Hematite Nodule Mix (mildly magnetic), 2.9 lbs. approx. 6" dia.

$21.00 USD


Digenite Ore, origin Montana


$11.00 USD




1 lb 10 oz.

$19.00 USD


Hematite Specimen


1lbs 13 oz.

$19.00 USD

Ilmenite crushed ore for sale - sample vials


Ilimenite Pulverized Ore Sample in 1 dram vial
$4.00 USD


Raw 1-2" minerals

origin, Newcomb NY

$2.00 each

Taconite Iron Pellets for sale - sample

Taconite Pellets

Taconite pellets for iron making, origin Minnesota, Mesabi Iron Range, 60% iron.  Interesting to round out your ore collection.  Man-made during the ore process

$4.00 USD - 10 pellets

Click on picture


 Sands & Minerals

Chrysocolla Copper Ore Mineral Specimen for Sale


Copper Chrysocolla Ore

100x65x60mm, origin Montana, 10.8 oz

$18.00 USD

Click on picture  Cuprite 5468b

Copper Chrysocolla Ore

90x35x30mm, origin Montana, 4.7 oz

$7.00 USD

Click on picture SSulphur

Silver Ore

Vintage Silver Ore Sample, origin MX

$6.00 each

Click on picture

Gneiss Metamorphic

Rock (Adirondacks)

$1 ea. (approx. 2"+)


Chalk Specimen

32x21x15mm, org. England

$2.00 USD


Because of the volume of minerals and internet bandwidth issues, we have elected to show one, or two, photos of each mineral for sale; however feel FREE to ask for additional pictures before you order.  We are happy to send you additional pictures of all angles.  We'll show you the good and the bad, and when necessary microscopic views.  So just ask.   Do you want a microscopic view of  your mineral? (click here)





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