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What would life be without our wonderful ores?  What are ores?   Very very important rocks with elements and metals that can be extracted.  Below are our line-up of Magnetic Ores.   Be sure to check our non-magnetic & radioactive ores, also.  Thanks.   We salute the ores!


NOTE:   All the "K" minerals are now being inventoried; so 'out of stock' temporarily


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Hematite Iron Ore (magnetic

172 grams, 4x5x5.5 cm



Hematite Ore (magnetic)

127 grams 4.5x5.5cm



origin Cannon Iron Mine, Ringwood Mining District, New Jersey

54 grams

$13.00 USD


Magnetite w/Pyrite inclusions

origin Tahawus NY

98 grams

$22.00 USD


Pyrite in Matrix w/Magnetite, 7.5 oz.

Location: Western NY

Collection:   K. Foos, 2013

$15.99 USD


Magnetite (var Lamellar)

Corwall, PA

47 grams 2x1in
$15.00 USD


Bottle of Iron Ore

unknown origin, but part of the sampling from a forge, unique

$5.00 USD


Magnetite Massive display piece from Cannon Iron Mine, Ringwood Mining District, NJ

5+ lbs 5x4 inches
$39.00 USD

Meteorites for sale



Certified:  Origin Campo Del Cielo, Argentina, no further harvesting allowed now, est. 4.6 billion years old

$5.00 USD each (10 units avail.)


Autunite lime gr-slightly radioactive (comp. Ca(U02)2P208.8H20),  Xl System Orthorhombic, Ruggles Mine Grafton NH, 10.5 grams
$21.00 USD

Magnetite Magnetite Sand and Mineral Samples (click on picture for full listing)      




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