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Did you know that these are radioactive?


Minerals containing Uranium:

  • Francevillite

  • Novacekite

  • Coffinite

  • Uranophane

  • Betafite

  • Boltwoodite

  • Torbernite

  • Cuprosklodowskite

  • Weeksite

  • Autunite

  • Gummite Ore

  • Tyuyamunite

  • Euxenite



Minerals containing Thorium

  • Euxenite


Minerals containing Cerium

  • Monazite-ce

  • Euxenite

  • Monazite


At A to Z Mineral and Rocks we test ALL our minerals before shipping to insure they have not been cross contaminated with radioactive materials.  

Disclosure:  We are not experts on radioactive materials, please refer to other scientific resources.  We scan our shop with standard Geiger counter to ensure the safety of our visiting public.



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