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Below is our research of rock locations in our New York local area.  Please always get permission prior to your dig!!!!  We have not verified any of this data yet.  Join our club and we can start verifying with you.


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Albany County


Bloodstone (Heliotrope), along the Hudson River, Blooming Drive


Clinton County


Iron Slag - Thomasville



Eric County


Satin Spar (Calcite)


Essex County


Garnet (Alamandite)


Sunstone, Crown Point

Vesuvianite* (Idocrase), Olmstedville

Titaniferous Magnetite, Tahawus Mines

Phlogopite, Newcomb

Chrondrote/Norbergite - in limestone in Newcomb

Wollastonite - Willsboro, Lewis

Blue Calcite - Mineral (road cuts)

Calcite w/Graphite - Newcomb (Route 28)

Botryoidal fluorapatite, Crown Point, Essex County

Albite, Newcomb, Essex County


Franklin County


Laborite - Harrietstown (Panther Pond)


Hamilton County


Diopside & Garnet, Speculator (Route 30 road cut)

Calcite, Speculator (Oxbow Road) and Long Lake (Route 30)

Flourite - Long Lake (Route 30)


Herkimer County


Crystals and Smokey, Middleville

Herkimer Diamond, Little Falls/Middleville

Quartzite (& mineral quartz): Scattered outcrops in Harriman State Park


Orange County


Sunstone @ Forest of Dean Magnetite Mine

Jasper, along the Hudson River



Lewis County



Calcite, fluoresce bright orange calcite found in a sulfide vein in Lowvile


Orange County


Spinel, Amity


Otsego County


Sapphire, Toddsville


Montgomery County


Herkimer Diamond Quartz, Fonda (Hickory Hill Diamonds) - fees


Putnam County


Uvarovite and Grossularite  (Tilly Foster Mine), Brewster


Richmond County


Amber, Krischerville, Staten Island

Prase, Staten Island


St. Lawrence County


Chrysoprase, DeKalb

Diamond, Massena

Tourmaline, De Kalb and Governeur

Corundum, Ogdensburg (fluorescent of deep reds)


Saratoga County

Chrysoberyl, Greenfield

Microcline, Hadley (Over Look Mtn.)


Warren County



Barton Mines, North River

Hooper Mines, Johnsburg (private)

Herkimer Diamond, Lake George

Serpentine, Johnsburg

Quartz crystals, Brant Lake (road cuts)



Washington County


Slate "best colored slate in the world" Granville NY



Westchester County


Golden Beryl, North Castle and Bedford village (Kinkel & Hobby Quarries)

Sunstone, Chappaqua

Thomsonite, Peekskill



Mineral Data Briefing:


  • Vesuvianite (Idocrase), Hardness 6 1/2, often mistake for Jade and also called "Californite", various colors of green yellowish, brownish, translucent with a slightly greasy look.  Make nice cabochons.

  • Garnet, Hardness 6 1/2 to 7 1/2, call garnet are in a cubic crystal system.  Crystals have multiple of our in faces - 4, 8, 12 etc.  Almost any color except blue.  Deep red most highly prized and occur in very tine to quite large sizes.  Beautiful for jewelry.

  • Prase, hardness 7, like Chryosprase, but has more sage-green color.

  • Jasper, hardness 7.  Impure quartz, opaque of various colors.  Jasper feels like chewing gum, smooth yet not slick.  Found in seams, edges, layers, chunks, large masses, veins, boulders, and water-worn pebbles.  Breaks with smooth conchoidal fractures.

  • Chrysoprase, hardness 7.  Apple green chalcedony.

  • Phlogopite, hardness 2 1/2 to 3, a magnesium mica, usually light brown in color, sometimes buff yellow.  Fluorescent.

  • Chrondrodite/Norbergite (similar in composition, appearance and flourscent).  Often these two occur together in the same localities.  Daylight colors range from white through hyacinth red with the most common color being tan or honey-yellow.  The fluoresces range from golden yellow to yellow orange.   Hardness 6 to 6 1/2, basic flusilicites of magnesium.

  • Corundum, hardness 9, aluminum oxide, red grains and crystals in limestone.

  • Wollastonite, hardness 4 1/2 to 5, Calcium metasilicate

  • Iron Slag, slag is melted silca quartz and other impurities that was removed from the surface of molten iron during the forging process.   Conchoidal surfaces.



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