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Stone Artesian Sculptured Bowls


Artist Matthew Gregson, Adirondacks NY


One of A Kind! 



Each sculptured bowl is designed by Artist Gregson who lets the mineral dictates the curves and crevices the specimen will take.  Custom selection and hours and hours of hand labor to complete each piece!  No CNC machine patterns here!  Each bowl is custom designed by Matt, and created from only Adirondack materials. 


Stirred by creativity, at the agent of 14, Matt was collecting sticks and stones for building Adirondack furniture with his father.   Wood and stone is his choice medium currently.  His wife is also an artesian, making designer organic soaps.


If you want one-of-kind sculptured mineral bowls to accent and compliment your home, consider supporting one of the Adirondack artists.  It will be a personal heirloom for sure.   We're honored to carry this Artisan's work.  Please patronize the arts.





Metamorphic Granite

5 1/2"Wx 7 1/2"L, 1 3/4"D 

$195.00 USD



Quartzite Bowl w/natural banding

7 1/2" L x 7" W x 3" H

$225.00 USD





7"L x 5 3/4" W x 3" H
$450.00 USD



Garnet & Peach Moonstone

Width:  7" Wx2 3/4"H, x2"D

$295.00 USD


Gneiss with Garnet

8" L x 8" W x 5 1/2" H

  $250.00 USD


Green Granite with Garnet

8" L x 6" W x 2 1/2" H 

Natural Edge Outside

$200.00 USD



3.5"Hx7 1/2"Wx1 3/4"D
$185.00 USD



Quartzite Bowl

6 1/4"Lx4 1/4"Wx1 3/4"H

$165.00 USD


  Anorthosite Bowl

Sculpty, 14"Lx13"Wx7"H
$1,450.00 USD


  Anorthosite Field Stone Bowl

8 1/2"Lx7 1/2"Wx 2 1/4"H
$295.00 USD


  Anorthosite Bowl

8"Lx2 1/2"Wx2 1/2H, 4.79 lbs.

$325.00 USD


  Anorthosite Stone Bowl

12"Lx9 1/2"W, 4" H
$525.00 USD

  Quartize Bowl

12 1/2" L, 8" W, 2 1/2" D

$850.00 USD

  Red Anorthosite Bowl


$1,850.00 USD


Multi functional slotted Rocks or Soap Holders

$25.00 USD

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